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Infographic Six Large Social Media

Social media and websites is one of the things I grew up with. And social media still has my big interest. Intrigued by the way the social network evolves, the opportunities, the threats, the risks and the courage. This infographic explains in an overview the six biggest social networks everyone in the world can use.… Continue reading Infographic Six Large Social Media

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The Blogging Experience | Later on…

LATER ON...[~2005...] And later on the first social media websites, or websites going from a forum style to a social media style, I experienced with making a nice beautiful website. Or just things I like. Well I haven't changed that...this blog is still about the things I like only I have now a bag full of… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | Later on…



2015 in a factual short story As you all know it is today thursday 31 december 2015 and this means tonight it is New Year's Eve! What happened on my blog this year? What happened to me? What are the facts of my blog? Facts about me anno 2015: I can talk a lot,… Continue reading 2015 IN A FACTUAL SHORT STORY

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Panda Video

What is your favourite animal? How cute and playful this panda is! Greetings by Sophie

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Facebook new profile filter

I am curious to your thoughts about the new feature of Facebook. To have a temporary profile picture with the filter of a flag of a country over it. What happened in France was terrible! And suddenly lots of Facebook profile pictures were turned into the same profile picture but than with a shade of… Continue reading Facebook new profile filter

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Social Media Overview of Sophie’s Blog

It is summer holiday and I worked on some social media canals to link to my blog. So here is the update and overview about my current social media stuff.

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Combining Social Media

My post about: "Status Update: combining social media" combining Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Greetings by Sophie

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Facebook Page launched!

This morning suddenly an idea came up: The making of a Facebook Page! So here it is: The direct link to the Facebook Page my blog new posts will here be posted too statusses and so on... Enjoy! Greetings by Sophie

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Positive comments on Facebook

It says it all. In short human behaviour on social media. Someone ones said: "Being negative is easy, but being positive is the hardest thing". The title lets you expect a different kind of post you, this is one you probably have never read before.


The takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook

This week is annouced that Facebook buys WhatsApp for 19 Billion US Dollars. But except this high amount of dollars - which is approximately 13 times Facebook's entire 2013 net income (says Forbes) - I am curious about what exactly will change, happen or improve the apps by this change. For example: it is still… Continue reading The takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook