Dutch Thriller Ten Days 2020

A Quarter Book Marathon The ‘Hebban Thriller Tiendaagse’, here known as the ‘Dutch Thriller Ten Days anno 2020’, is about to start! Today on Friday 21st of February 2020 this event starts. The event is about spotlight for a couple of days the thrillers written by Dutch authors. So the book does not need to… Read More Dutch Thriller Ten Days 2020

Life of an IT student | August 2018

Hello readers, Time flies! The month of August had a lot of sunshine literally and figuratively and since then everything goes with a quick flow. Challenge August started with a new accepted challenge: working as a junior software tester at an international company. And because it was my study summer holiday, I worked a lot,… Read More Life of an IT student | August 2018

Bookcatalog of 2017 | The first quarter

Whoohoo today I have received this awesome catalog full of books that will be published in the first quarter of 2017. I was wondering…how do other bookblogger or bookfanatics keep up with what will be published in the upcoming month? Let me know in a comment View this post on Instagram A post shared by… Read More Bookcatalog of 2017 | The first quarter

Reading in Review

A little update about my reading and writing reviews. This week I am contacted by an author to review her new book! I am so excited about it! The book has arrived, I started reading it today and the beginning I have read so far is really nice! I am not telling yet for whom… Read More Reading in Review


2015 in a factual short story As you all know it is today thursday 31 december 2015 and this means tonight it is New Year’s Eve! What happened on my blog this year? What happened to me? What are the facts of my blog? Facts about me anno 2015: I can talk a lot, I… Read More 2015 IN A FACTUAL SHORT STORY

Reading Challenge 2016

The reading challenge of 2015 In a few days 2015 will be at an end and 2016 will start. Time for a new reading challenge. This year (2015) I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 52 books in a year. Any kind of book, any amount of pages. About the statistics of 2015 I will… Read More Reading Challenge 2016

Retrospective on the OhMyBookathon

The retrospective on the OhMyBookathon. The readathon of July. Read while you live life and live while you read. Greetings by Sophie… Read More Retrospective on the OhMyBookathon

Hebban.nl versus Goodreads.com

Hebban.nl versus Goodreads.com
The good and lesser things about keeping a list of your [to be] – read – [ing] books on Hebban and Goodreads… Read More Hebban.nl versus Goodreads.com

What a day! – Sandra van Tongeren

My book review of “What a day!” written by Sandra van Tongeren Title: What a day Author: Sandra van Tongeren Genre: Fiction NUR: 312 = Pocketbooks popular fiction Publisher: Ark Media Year 1st edition: 2013 Year edition read: 2013 Original language: Dutch Read language: Dutch Pages: 160 Rating: 4/5  Dutch review: On Hebban.nl: link here