Black Water – Corine Hartman

My book review of ‘Black Water’ written by Corine Hartman. A young violist with a huge talent but a troubled youth and later on the loss of her child, tries to live her life normally but then an acquaintance is found... Super smart thriller and what a plot!


Kobo Aura eReader

One of the best eReaders I discovered is the Kobo Aura eReader. I love reading real paper books but I love reading ebooks too. In this post I tell you why my preference of the eReader goes to the Kobo Aura eReader. Just my preference, I don't say that other devices are bad. This eReader… Continue reading Kobo Aura eReader

Books, Travel

Reading while traveling

There are several good apps to keep track of books you have read, to-do lists and just apps to read books on your device. But which one to use while traveling? I have an iPod Touch (yes, the thirst of the 3rd generation!), an e-reader (Kobo Aura) and work on a laptop/computer. But what when… Continue reading Reading while traveling