Life of an IT student | January 2020 & Graduation Internship

Hi readers, Woohoo Happy New Year to you all! I have shared my New Year's video in the New Year's blog post 'Happy New Year 2020!'. The video is also on YouTube so if you like it, let me know by a thumbs up or a comment ๐Ÿ™‚ How did you celebrate the New Year?… Continue reading Life of an IT student | January 2020 & Graduation Internship

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Column | LinkedIn-titulatuur

This blog is a guestblog in Dutch to exchange ideas and expertises with my colleague writers of the minor Crossmedia Journalism at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Use for English the Google Translate plugin in the footer of this website. Enjoy reading! Het is de zoveelste zonnige herfstwinterdag. Mensen lopen voorbij met halfopen jassen,… Continue reading Column | LinkedIn-titulatuur

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Life of an IT student | March and April 2018

Life of an IT student | March and April 2018 - Rijksmuseum High Society and the Dutch Data Driven Challenge

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Sunny Sunday in May

It's just a sunny Sunday in May and the upcoming day the weather will be good too in The Netherlands according to the weather forecasts. The last couple of days I have been busy with study, travelling as a little tourist in my own country and family and friends. As well as going to some… Continue reading Sunny Sunday in May

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Infographic Six Large Social Media

Social media and websites is one of the things I grew up with. And social media still has my big interest. Intrigued by the way the social network evolves, the opportunities, the threats, the risks and the courage. This infographic explains in an overview the six biggest social networks everyone in the world can use.… Continue reading Infographic Six Large Social Media

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Hi readers, As you probably have seen, I have created many new pages last week about my personal Portfolio. This is a task for study that, during my entire academic career of this new study, will be tracked. It is a personal Portfolio so that page is protected, but not all pages and not all… Continue reading Portfolio