The Olympic Games 2016 Rio – Sports Poll

The Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro features 28 sports, combining 41 disciplines over 306 events that take place during those weeks. Which is(/are) your favourite sports of The Olympic Games 2016 Rio? Which sport(s) do you cheer for? --> multiple choices possible!  

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Question: vlogging?

Vote for my question: Shall I create a vieo for vlogging my bookreviews?

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Twitter polls

Since a few days Twitter has enrolled the option to ask questions to the Twitter world by making a poll! Such good news! I really like this new function. The question can be answered within 24 hours and Twitter gives you realtime updates about the progress and the final result. This is the question I… Continue reading Twitter polls

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Question | Filmedition or original novel

Dear readers, my question to you is: Comment, Tweet or email it is all oke. I am looking forward to your answers and the why! Greetings from Sophie