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Life of an IT student | July 2019

Hi readers, Finally the month of July started. Summer was there already for a week and there were already some warm days. But the month of July later on hit the 36 degrees Celcius! July kicked off with the final final deadlines and presentations of the Minor Data Engineering. We won the creativity award! And… Continue reading Life of an IT student | July 2019


Christmas 2018

Hi readers, I wish you all a merry Christmas for 2018! I hope you've had lovely days and more to come in this period between Christmas and New Year 2019! Life of an IT student for October, November and December will be up soon and my wishes for 2019! Lovely greetings by Sophie

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Life of an IT student | July 2018

Hello readers, It's been a little while since I have written about Life as an IT student. And this month has had two extremes. Life goes on and a new challenge! Oh happy day ... The last two weeks of July July was finally halfway. I challenged myself. Figuring out the different disciplines I came in… Continue reading Life of an IT student | July 2018

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Life of an IT student | June 2018

Hello readers, The month of June was a month of scattered pieces of lead. The final days of my internship had started after I started there in december. That was the physical part because I also had to write on the final report. The first week of June was my last week of my internship.… Continue reading Life of an IT student | June 2018

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July 2017 | Life of an IT Student

Hello readers! This evening a recap of my life in the month of July! The month beheld the last weeks of study before the summer break and it beheld the first days of my holiday in Edinburgh. As I have written in the previous recap of the month of June 2017, the first weeks of… Continue reading July 2017 | Life of an IT Student

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Diergaarde Blijdorp | Indian Elephant Playing

In June I have been for another afternoon walk in the Diergaarde Blijdorp / Rotterdam Zoo. In the last hours of the day I walked the path past the elephant area and I saw a little one playing near the water. I captured it on video and made a little compilation to share it with… Continue reading Diergaarde Blijdorp | Indian Elephant Playing