A Deadly Run-Off – Max Rippe

My book review of “A deadly run-off” written by Max Rippe In my view… This book is a sequel in the series of detective Maik Hof. This book can be read as a sequel and as a standalone. Maik Hof is a detective living in Delft and he is just settled into his new home… Read More A Deadly Run-Off – Max Rippe

Citylights – Margreet Maljers

My book review of “Citylights” [EN] / “Licht over de stad” [NL] written by Margreet Maljers In my view… Where the first book in the series ‘The Guide – Margreet Maljers‘ left, this sequel starts. It is 1943 and The Netherlands are at war with Germany. In the middle of WWII the story starts. Elja… Read More Citylights – Margreet Maljers

Barista! | Solace – Elsbeth Witt

My book review of “Solace” written by Elsbeth Witt In my view… The trilogy is based on three young women who are baristas at a coffee bar named Barista!. In the first book was the main character Laura. That review can be found here –> Barista! | Café au Lait . In the second and previous volume the… Read More Barista! | Solace – Elsbeth Witt

The Complete Star Wars Saga on Netflix

The new Star Wars film ‘Star Wars | Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ which was last december in cinemas, is now on Netflix! Together with the previous six films Netflix offers to watch the complete saga with their streaming service. According to Forbes: Since 2012 Netflix has been working on a immense contract. To… Read More The Complete Star Wars Saga on Netflix

Politieserie | Panic in Prinsenland – Ben de Raaf

My book review of “Panic in Prinsenland” written by Ben de Raaf Title:  Panic in Prinsenland [EN] / Paniek in Prinsenland [NL] Author: Ben de Raaf Genre: Youth ISBN: NUR: 280 – Fiction – Youth general – 12+ Publisher: Uitgeverij Mes Year 1st edition & read edition: 2004 Year read: 2014 Original title & language: Paniek in Prinsenland [NL] Read language: Dutch Pages: 189… Read More Politieserie | Panic in Prinsenland – Ben de Raaf