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Bookish Creative Sunday Afternoon – January 2023

Drawing on the paperedges and stitching a bookhairband... ever done that? Yesterday I had a lovely creative midday & afternoon with the bookclub 'Boekenbabbelaars' and all the lovely creatives at the library of 's-Hertogenbosch, NL. Bookmarks, booksleeves, tote bags, buttons and much more was created during this bookish New Year's and Creative gathering middag!This is… Continue reading Bookish Creative Sunday Afternoon – January 2023


Music | Spirit of the Glen (2007) The Ultimate Collection

In my view A couple of years ago when I travelled on my own to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, I stumbled upon the music of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. To me it has something magical! I visited the museum at the Edinburgh Castle site and was amazed by the authentic pride and culture… Continue reading Music | Spirit of the Glen (2007) The Ultimate Collection


The Blogpost Structure for 2023

Every couple of years I am figuring out which blog post structure works best for me and my blogposts. I love a structure where there is a dedicated day to books, a dedicated day to films and a dedicated day to series. The other categories of the blog: lifestyle, code, games and gadgets also hav… Continue reading The Blogpost Structure for 2023

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New Year Fireworks 2023

Dear readers, I hope you will have a lovely, safe, happy and healthy New Year's! 🎉 ✨ May the year 2023 be full of dreams coming true and cherishable moments! 🍀❣ Loves from Sophie

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Christmas 2022

Dear readers, I wish you a wonderful Christmas! 🎄May it be full of light, love and laughter for you and your loved ones! 🕯️🌟❤️ Loves from Sophie My Christmas wish to you on Instagram Enjoy your holidays! Loves from Sophie


Music | The Choir of Man (2018)

The Choir of Man (2018) In my view My music taste is diverse and most of the time I like the original artists versions more than the covers made by others. Except for a few. I like coverbands, choirs and combinations. As long as they add some depth to the original music, give it their… Continue reading Music | The Choir of Man (2018)

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Music | ABBA – Voyage (2021)

ABBA - Voyage (2021). Cover art and copyright by Polar Music International AB. In my view My first review of a music album has to be... of course... ABBA! One of my favourite blog posts to write, because it is about the newest album of ABBA and the voyage that has led to it. After… Continue reading Music | ABBA – Voyage (2021)


Game | The Treasures of Montezuma | Nintendo DS (2006)

My game review of 'The Treasures of Montezuma' published for the Nintendo DS. In my view This edition for the Nintendo DS is based on the famous PC game of 'The Treasures of Montezuma' which is developed and published by Alawar Entertainment Inc. This puzzle game is an old one but also a gold one.… Continue reading Game | The Treasures of Montezuma | Nintendo DS (2006)


The Seasonal Column | Summer Summary and Autumn Preview

Welcome to Sophie's Creative and the Seasonal Column of Summer 2022! In this 'The Seasonal Column' I give you a summary of my life and the blog of the past season. This edition of summer is highlighted and I also give away already a small preview for the autumn edition on which I will reflect… Continue reading The Seasonal Column | Summer Summary and Autumn Preview


Happy Feet (2006)

Happy Feet (2006) In my view... The story of Happy Feet is a very lovely story that has also an important message: climate change and the danger for the wild animals it bring around the pole circles on our planet. But the storyline focuses on a king penguin who in contrast to his other fellow… Continue reading Happy Feet (2006)