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Challenge #100DaysOfReading

#100DaysOfReading This challenge is a well known challenge in the series of #100DaysOfX challenges. Many people in the bookcommunity have heard about it, sometimes participated in it, and are hosting also often their own "[numberofdays][reading]" challenges or "[time/theme based][readathon]"s. The #100DaysOfX challenges exists for circa 2,5 years now. And because I am studying Software Engineering… Continue reading Challenge #100DaysOfReading

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Redesign and Introduction Sophie’s Tech

Hi readers! Sophie's Blog has a new logo and the blog is redesigned!The past couple of weeks I have been thinking about refocusing and therefor redesigning the blog. My interests are widely spread and vary from books, films, series, sports and travel to code, gadgets, games and other tech-related stuff. Because both areas have sometimes… Continue reading Redesign and Introduction Sophie’s Tech


Dunkirk to Belsen – John Sadler

The memoirs of several soldiers, the letters of several leading officers, speeches of highly ranked persons and even songs sang while marching; are all described in this extraordinary memoirfull book about World War II. The story is in particular following the Durham Light Infantry. So very detailed! Enjoy reading! Loves from Sophie

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Happy Easter 2020!

I wish you all a healthy and happy Easter 2020! Hereby a homemade chocolate framboise - raspberry - cake decorated with fondant and marzipan. Stay home, stay healthy and enjoy the little things such as baking and decorating for example :). Loves from Sophie


Ad Astra (2019)

Poster design by BLT Communications, LLCSource: Impawards In my view... The film Ad Astra is a psychological thriller which story takes mostly place in space. Astronaut major Roy McBride is asked to make contact with his long lost father in space, astronaut dr. Clifford McBride. The organisation thinks he is still alive and the key… Continue reading Ad Astra (2019)


Zoo | Season One

Zoo | Season One Poster In my view... The series is about animals from some particular places and a little bit from all over the world. Which animals are belonging to the same species and the same families, is briefly explained throughout the series. When I started with the Zoo series, I expected the series… Continue reading Zoo | Season One


Blog News #1

Welcome to the first blog news blog post in the new series on Sophie's Blog! In this blog post a recap of all recent published blog posts.And the second part of the blog news is about a weekly theme and some nice social posts I stumbled upon surrounding this theme. The socials are Instagram, Pinterest,… Continue reading Blog News #1

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YouTube | Saara Aalto – No Fear Dance Remix

Finnish singer songwriter Saara Aalto has written the song 'No Fear'. This video is pretty cool with live performance singing, dancing, costumes and the lights for the showcase. The lights setting reminds me of the video of Sam Sparro's 'Black and Gold' video. The 'No Fear Dance Remix' official music video is composed by Saara… Continue reading YouTube | Saara Aalto – No Fear Dance Remix

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YouTube | Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivanen – You Raise Me Up

Saara Aalto & Teemu Roivanen are both singer-songwriters with an incredible voice and they play the grande piano. More then ten years ago they became already friends and Teemu was the pianist in Saara's Band. Teemu Roivanen started his solo career with his first album, discography record, in 2015. A year after this video. Saara… Continue reading YouTube | Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivanen – You Raise Me Up

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YouTube | Saara Aalto – Let It Go – Multi-Language Version

This weekend I discovered musician Saara Aalto, a Finnish singer songwriter who competed back in 2016 in the British X Factor edition. Besides the covers she presented in the shows of X Factor United Kingdom, I also like this cover of Idina Menzel's 'Let It Go' from the film Frozen. She sings this cover with… Continue reading YouTube | Saara Aalto – Let It Go – Multi-Language Version