Ice Castles (2010)

In my view... The story of this television broadcasted film (sadly not been in cinemas) is about a young girl who dreams of figure skating and one day becoming a champion. The road to achieve such a succes is hard and she has to leave her family for a while. The beauty of this film… Continue reading Ice Castles (2010)


Soul Surfer (2011)

In my view... This film is a true story about the life of Bethany Hamilton during her youth and a tragic accident that changed here life. But did it change her life completely? Yes in a certain way...This film is inspiring, incredible! The strength someone has to go on, to fight for the things you… Continue reading Soul Surfer (2011)


Walking home

In the city I'm living, Rotterdam, I walk and cycle a lot. Sometimes partly guided by the public transport like the tram, the metro or the bus. Or by bikeshops. Just to take a look through the window and search with my eyes for the little hidden beauty of cycling kits, accessories, bikes and so… Continue reading Walking home

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Electric Run

Β  Got a ticket for @Net5_nl @ElectricRunNL in #Amsterdam next month! Enthusiastic 5km in the dark run surrounded by many lights. #running β€” Sophie vd Akker (@savandenakker) 5 februari 2014 Hello there, It is february and it is cold outside, but nevertheless i am training for the Electric Run that will be held in Amsterdam… Continue reading Electric Run