The Seasonal Column 2022 | Spring Summary and Summer Preview

Welcome to Sophie’s Creative and the Seasonal Column of Spring 2022! In this 'The Seasonal Column' I give you a summary of my life and the blog of the past season. This edition of spring is highlighted and I also give away already a small preview for the summer edition on which I will reflect… Continue reading The Seasonal Column 2022 | Spring Summary and Summer Preview

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YouTube | BBC Earth | Hydroplaning dolphins

Today I discovered the nice YouTube channel of BBC Earth and BBC Earth Unplugged. The summer is officially starting tomorrow and the past couple of days have had already high temperatures. A little bit of a cooling beach video: hydroplaning dolphins near the coast of Australia. I had never heard of hydroplaning before but these… Continue reading YouTube | BBC Earth | Hydroplaning dolphins

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The city Rotterdam in four seasons

This weekend I discovered this beautiful video about Rotterdam, shown in all four seasons throughout the past year. It is a video shot in a time- and hyperlapse by Koen Samson. Have you visited Rotterdam in one of the four seasons? Vimeo description: Rotterdam in four seasons from koen samson | 1 week ago Views 53K… Continue reading The city Rotterdam in four seasons

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Alternating June of 2016

A new update of my student life Life It has been a very busy and alternating week. The month june is nearly at it's end but a few more days left and I hope those days will be sunny! The past couple of days before the weekend, the weather was stormy. Full of thunders and… Continue reading Alternating June of 2016

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Underwater Flight – Introducing the Subwing Honeycomb A new way to swim, to dive, to enjoy the oceans. I discovered this video by accident when I was writing a social media report last evening for an elective course at the university. I am so curious how something like this to experience really feels like.  In a few weeks the summer begins.… Continue reading Underwater Flight – Introducing the Subwing Honeycomb


Summerbreak of 2015

Hi readers, How has been your summer break? The last couple of days I took a summer break of everything. Not by going on holiday but by focussing completely on preparing for a new year of study! I had some things to do to so I could start this new week of study well prepared.… Continue reading Summerbreak of 2015