The Scent of Almonds – Camilla Läckberg

My book review of "The Scent of Almonds" written by Camilla Läckberg Title: The Scent of Almonds [EN]  / Sneeuwstorm en Amandelgeur [NL] / Snöstorm och Mandeldoft [SE] Author: Camilla Läckberg Genre: Literary Thriller ISBN: 9789026333293 Publisher: Ambo | Anthos Year 1st edition & read edition: 2010 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Snöstorm och Mandeldoft [SE], 2007 Read language: Dutch Pages: 159 Places: Valö… Continue reading The Scent of Almonds – Camilla Läckberg


Hanna’s Birthday – Gull Åkerboom

My book review of "Hanna's Birthday" written by Gull Åkerboom Title: Hanna's Verjaardag [NL] / Hanna's Birthday [EN] / Annonsen [SE] Author: Gull Åkerboom Genre: Fiction ISBN: 9789086962587 NUR: 350 - Fiction General Publisher: Uitgeverij Eenvoudig Communiceren B.V. Year 1st edition & read edition: 2016 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: Annonsen [SE] Read language: Dutch Pages: 72 Rating: 5 / 5 stars I hope… Continue reading Hanna’s Birthday – Gull Åkerboom

Culture, Technology


With the era of the new technology and more and more e-learning programmes for children in primary school and high school to understand technology or train languages in a different way, as a fourth year student I see already a big difference then when I was in the last year of primary school, using rarely… Continue reading Duolingo