Happy Feet (2006)

In my view… The story of Happy Feet is a very lovely story that has also an important message: climate change and the danger for the wild animals it bring around the pole circles on our planet. But the storyline focuses on a king penguin who in contrast to his other fellow king penguin chickens,… Read More Happy Feet (2006)

The Affiliate Experience | The Start

Hello readers! An important update on my blog about my motivation for blogging and for the almost four-year anniversary of this blog and much longer in blogging itself…, starting with affiliate marketing! Whut? What is that? Well, hereby my motivation and explanation. A very personal written blog post. The term ‘affiliate’ Last week I learned… Read More The Affiliate Experience | The Start

Mile 22 (2018)

In my view… This film is about intelligence services, politics, attacks and attempts of attacking and it is quite realistic. Well it seems realistic from a citizen point of view. A life at an embassy in a foreign country and what if a war – be it partially digital – is going on and you… Read More Mile 22 (2018)

Reign | Season One

http://www.impawards.com/tv/posters/reign.jpg My series review of “Reign | Season One ” created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie Sengupta In my view… Last year I have been on holiday to Edinburgh, Scotland. So I knew a bit of the history about Mary the Queen of Scots. And I was wondering if this series is based on real… Read More Reign | Season One

Lost in Space (2018)| Series | Trailer

A remake of a 1960s series will be on Netflix in April 2018. Ten episodes of each an hour length about the survival of the Robinson family in space. The trailer is online! Enjoy watching! Greetings by Sophie… Read More Lost in Space (2018)| Series | Trailer

The Crimson Spell – Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough

My book review of “The Crimson Spell” written by Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough In my view… The book is a nice sequel in the original Charmed series created by Constance M. Burge. The book can be read as a standalone because it repeats a bit about the previous two novels. The series is about… Read More The Crimson Spell – Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough

Spectral (2016)

Spectral (2016) is a film that touches a lot of genres with each a little bit of the story. It’s full of action, the enemy is a science-fiction mystery and the scene and timing feels like the beginning of an outbreak of war.… Read More Spectral (2016)