Technology Wearables and Artificial Intelligence

This evening I was scrolling through Pinterest in the category of Technology. Searching for nice infographics because you can quickly and easily learn from those infographics of different subjects. Text combined with images that add some value, help you to imagine what is meant.

I have found some interesting pins such as ‘The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence’ – presented at the end of the blog post.

But the most interesting pin is the one of the technologic wearables that are thought of nowadays. This infographic includes:

  • Bionic vision
  • Enhanced hearing
  • Vision impaired navigation
  • Toxic gas sensor
  • UV exposure monitor
  • Wearable translator
  • Smart jacket
  • Enhanced prosthesis
  • Digital interfaces
  • Asthma attack monitor
  • Artificial pancreas
  • Artificial kidney
  • Reproductive health monitor
  • Sensing VR
  • Superhuman exoskeletons
  • Tactile prosthesis
  • 3D-Printed insoles

The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence


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