The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

My book review of “The ABC Murders” written by Agatha Christie

Title: The ABC Murders
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Series: Hercule Poirot #13 
ISBN: 978-90-4882-251-5
NUR: 331 – Detective
Publisher: Pantheon Klassiek / Dutch Media Books B.V.
Year 1st edition & read edition: 1935 – 2014
Year read: 2016
Original language: English
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 216
Places: Andover / Bexhill / Churston / Combeside / Doncaster / London / Paddington / Pevensey / Torquay
Rating: 5 / 5 – definitely a favourite
Filmed: Yes

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

In my view…

Captain Arthur Hastings, the former companion (from  ‘compagnon’) of the famous detective Hercule Poirot, came back to London. He paid a visit to Poirot and at that moment you can guess two things: will they work together again on a new case? Or was Hastings just on a visit and have they both other things to do?

Writing style

What I really like about the book is the writing style. Agatha Christie chose her sentences with care. Poirot has his typical own style. French words but he is not French, he is a Belgian private detective. These French little sentences makes a nice variety between his – where he is known for – long and accurate detailed explanations. Hastings is telling the story from his own view. But when Hastings did not directly experienced it, he tells the story from a third person style.

Spelling errors

The book is translated into many languages. Agatha Christie is the best-selling author forever in the English detective scene of books. I have read the Dutch version of the book and I only discovered two spelling mistakes.

Main characters

The main characters (mostly suspects) besides Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings are very different from one another. Because they are so different and the story parts changes quickly after every murder, my main suspect changed as quickly with it. The plot of the book was really surprising for me! I did guess that suspect in the beginning of the book, changed to several others and didn’t change back to that suspect. I guess I am better in guessing the suspect in detective television series than in books… I liked it so much how Agatha Christie misguided me. But how Poirot explains it in the end, it all makes sense again!

Have you read one of the stories about the detective Hercule Poirot?

Or do you read other detective series?

Greetings by Sophie

3 thoughts on “The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

  1. Sorry dat ik dus tóch in weer in het Nederlands schrijf, hoewel ik éigenlijk de kans aan zou moeten grijpen m’n Engels wat op te halen;-(
    Tegenwoordig kom ik niet meer aan leen toen( het bloggen ja) maar ik heb vroeger veel gelezen ,waaronder ook Agatha Christie, heerlijk! De meeste heb ik toch in het Nederlands gelezen.Maar in de jaren 80, toen mijn kinderen de deur uit waren, ben ik alsnog (moeder)MAVO gaan doen`.
    Dat beviel zo goed dat ik een aantal vakken óók nog op HAVO niveau deelcertificaten kon halen waaronder Engels en las haar dus in het Engels..
    Daar ontdekte ik dat je gelijk hebt,de oorspronkelijk taal is vaak te verkiezen boven een vertaling.
    Ik kan me nóg herinneren hoe “a kiss before dying” (Ira Levin) me tegenviel toen ik later een ondertitelde film zag nádat ik het boek gelezen had in het Engels. Maar misschien kwam dát omdat je dan de clou al weet en dan volg je het natuurlijk anders.

  2. I’ve never read her books, but I do have one on my shelf, which is Towards Zero. I’m planning to read it this summer. I’m glad your like her book 🙂

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