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LATER ON…[~2005…]

And later on the first social media websites, or websites going from a forum style to a social media style, I experienced with making a nice beautiful website. Or just things I like. Well I haven’t changed that…this blog is still about the things I like only I have now a bag full of experience and live life as a 23 years young adult woman.

Well known websites are for example MySpace, the place for your own website about music if you had MSN Messenger (yes yes the old quick only pc chatting times). No smartphone yet, though simply said every new kind of mobile phone is a newer smartphone than the previous one. Or how about Hyves? Yes, now only known as, it was a social network for the Dutchies or Flemish among us. Facebook has been the big concurrent, but I had a social network profile on Hyves much earlier than Facebook. Facebook was not that popular in Europe yet. And back in 2010 when I had both, you saw many similarities. Such as giving ‘respect’ on photo’s or statuses – on Facebook known as ‘likes’. Having ‘friends’, being ‘member’ of some groups and so on.

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The image explained…


  • People spent ~251 minutes a month
  • 2,5 million Dutch visitors a day (of ~16,5 million Dutch population in The Netherlands)
  • Growth of 3.000 members a day
  • 9 million Dutch users in a month – 10,6 million worldwide
  • Estimated sales in 2010: €20 million
  • Estimated sales per user: €4,-
  • Profitable since 2006


  • People spent ~60 minutes a month
  • 867.000 Dutch visitors a day
  • Growth of 3.000 members a day – equal as Hyves!
  • 3 million Dutch users in a month – 500 million worldwide – so about 1 / 3 of the Hyves users has Facebook as well.
  • Estimated sales in 2010 worldwide: €791 million
  • Estimated sales per user: €1,58
  • Profitable since 2009

So in short: more Dutchies were using Hyves rather than Facebook, Facebook was as a company later profitable. The growth was equal but people spent more time on Hyves because for the Dutchies it was kind of their community where you had to be. The age of allowance was at both sites 13+

With this comparison of two major social networks (except YouTube and MySpace) back in 2010, you get an idea of how it was to live as a social networker in The Netherlands and what you would probably use. Both. Sadly Hyves stopped with the social networking service and is now completely focused on gaming.

What do you remember of your first social media network experience?

For the Dutchies among us: have you had Hyves too?

For the overseas readers: have you seen one of the first versions of Facebook? Or before it was named Facebook? I am just curious because Europe was late…

Greetings by Sophie

  1. The Blogging Experience | The Start

The Blogging Experience is my own idea of a new series of blog posts I will write to explain how I started years ago with making websites and started blogging. In this series I will write as well some tips on how to blog or where to think about when you start blogging or want to make it serious from blogging to business.

I hope you will enjoy these new blog post series! Any tips comments or tricks, always welcome: leave a comment or through Contact Me.

Greetings by Sophie

June 2nd, 2016

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