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A few years ago I heard for the first time of WordPress. I thought back then that you probably must be a very experienced web designer, websitemaker…all sort of jobs like that. But experienced and you had to have a big business to afford it. That was my first impression of WordPress.

WordPress exists since 2003 and is a CMS (content management system) that uses PHP and SQL as a base. It is founded by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg who were already familiar with the precursor of WordPress named ‘b2’ or also known as ‘cafelog’. But those two men did not came up with the current name for their project. The woman Christine Selleck Tremoulet – whose is a friend of Matt Mullenweg – suggested that they should name the project ‘WordPress’. A bit over a year ago after I had a blog on and made a website with Google Sites, I asked myself the question: What can I do with WordPress?

The two versions of WordPress

There are two different ways to use WordPress. You have got and . The .com is the version I use right now for my blog. This means that I let WordPress host my blog and I am depending on the rules of their regulations. I am not a commercial blog at the moment. Though you never know what the future will be. But it seems like that if you want to become a commercial blog there are some restrictions if you use this WordPress version. After all it is hosted by WordPress itself.

The other version of WordPress is the .org version and this one is for download to host it on your own chosen domain and server services. Simple: .org stands for organisation. By this way you can integrate a blog CMS system into your own website that could be commercial. You could for example have a webshop or have a website explaining your services. By having a blog with the latest relevant news you can keep your visitors, clients and customers up to date of your business.

My choice

Well for now I have chosen WordPress because I like the easy way of using it. Accompanied by a smartphone application and the space you have to customize your blog to the way you want it. Also by this .com version I don’t have to update the CMS system because this is all by WordPress itself. So for now it saves me a lot of time I can spend on developing my own taste in blogging and most of all: blog!

Do you have or had WordPress?
And do you have a blog?
Or why don’t you use WordPress?

Greetings by Sophie

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The Blogging Experience

The Blogging Experience is my own idea of a new series of blog posts I will write to explain how I started years ago with making websites and started blogging. In this series I will write as well some tips on how to blog or where to think about when you start blogging or want to make it serious from blogging to business.

I hope you will enjoy these new blog post series! Any tips comments or tricks, always welcome: leave a comment or through Contact Me.

Greetings by Sophie

June 2nd, 2016

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