The Blogpost Structure for 2023

Every couple of years I am figuring out which blog post structure works best for me and my blogposts. I love a structure where there is a dedicated day to books, a dedicated day to films and a dedicated day to series. The other categories of the blog: lifestyle, code, games and gadgets also hav a dedicated day. But these latest categories are added since last year to this blog so are not that build up yet.

To have a clear structure, dedication and endeavouros goal, I introduce at the beginning of each year the blogpost structure of the week that I will use to post consistently on a dedicated day the blog post of that day. That keeps me motivated, dedicated and structured. I can write a bunch of things and can have many ideas, but I need structure to make it work.

The past couple of months I have been working on my own database of all the categories on this blog and all topics I could write about or I am preparing to write about. I order this all in the app Notion and make use of several other tracking apps such as: Goodreads & Hebban for books, Letterboxd & TVTime for films and series and for games.
All the other ideas I come up with are also mentioned in my database within Notion and I keep track of how far I am with the blog post(s) and the surrounding photographs, social media posts and or video material.

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In short:

The Standard Week Ahead for 2023

Code ReviewGame ReviewGadget
Book ReviewFilm ReviewSeries ReviewLifestyle | Album of the Week
Other blog posts are optional ánd extra to this schedule.
Such as videos and the social posts.

So hereby the structure for the blog posts for this year. It fits in my schedule and I find it more matching to publish a review of a film on a Friday and a review for a series on a Saturday. This is also in the correct order, if you start counting on Thursday, of the subtitle of my blog: Books – Films – Series & Lifestyle & Code – Games – Gadgets.

Sneak Peek

This year of 2023 will also consists of more video content in general. With a focus on game and code content that I have created the past couple of weeks. With the help of the Elgato capture card and my video setup I record videos and later on I have to edit it into a nice and short video. Including an introduction, a voice over, some home-made music tunes created with my Novation Launchkey Mini and an outro. These videos are no streaming videos such as on my Twitch, so therefor the voideover and the introduction and the outro. I have a concept for the video posting schedule and it will be similar to the blog posts structure. So if I post a video about books, it will be posted along with a bookish blog post on the dedicated day for books: Thursday.

I hope that you like the structure and the motivation for it as much as I do and that you are curious or are looking forward to the blogposts that will arrive!

If you have any suggestions, ideas or would love to see a blog post about a topic: leave a comment or fill in the contact form and let me know!

Thank you for reading!

Loves from Sophie

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