The Book Week of Three | Challenge completed

It’s summer time and lots of people are busy with challenges. Sport challenges, food challenges – about healthy food use – and also book challenges. But because I can not complete a book challenge that lasts a whole month – by posting every day on Instagram – I made my own book challenge. The Book Week of Three Challenge that only lasts one week and you can start it on any day at any moment. No dates attached to it.

An overview of my results of The Book Week of Three Challenge:
with links to the posts for the complete text and coverview and some bookreviews

The Friday in June three nicest covers: 1. All The Bright Lights 2. Viva Coldplay! 3. De Memoires van Sherlock Holmes.

The Saturday in June three books, same genre; biography: 1. Rutger Hauer Autobiography 2. Joop van den Ende – de biografie 3. Steve Jobs – de biografie

The Sunday in June three books from study: 1. Intercultural Skills for International Business and International Relations 2. Social Research Methods 3. Marketing Communication Strategy

The Monday in June three books to be read: 1. Eldest 2. Brisingr 3. Inheritance

The Tuesday in June three books to be finished and in red, white and grey: 1. Miss Communicatie 2. Zus 3. Game

The Wednesday in June three books read and written by Simone van der Vlugt: 1. Blauw Water 2. Jacoba | Dochter van Holland 3. De Ooggetuige

The Thursday in June three books new: 1: The Rosie Project 2. The Fault in Our Stars 3. The Rosie Effect

Did you complete a challenge already this summer?

Greetings by Sophie

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  1. Wat een leuke blog zeg! Krijg gelijk zin om te lezen! Is deze challenge gelukt? 3 boeken op een dag lijkt me erg moeilijk? X

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