The Book Week of Three | Saturday in June

Saturday – Three Books same genre

and I chose…biography!

My three favourite biography books and why I chose them to be part of this challenge.

Book one: I have chosen ‘Rutger Hauer Autobiography’ because he is a famous Dutch film actor who inspires people already for decades!
Book two: I have chosen ‘Joop van den Ende – de biografie’ because he is a famous television and entertainment program director. Also many theatre shows are one of his productions. I think he inspires me mostly!
Book three: I have chosen ‘Steve Jobs – de biografie’ because he was such a smart person who felt home in the world of the upcoming technology. Lovely to read. And sadly he isn’t alive anymore…Apple goes with Steve Jobs in the minds.

Greetings by Sophie

2 thoughts on “The Book Week of Three | Saturday in June

  1. Great choices IMO. I love Ruger Hauer’s acting. Blade Runner is my favorite. I read Steve Jobs by Isaacson. Fascinating man, superb account.

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