The Challenge for 2015

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”. Jim Rohn

To avoid a small writer’s block, it can help to challenge yourself. So I did. I have made the decision to challenge myself in writing for the different categories I enjoy most. The challenge is a minimum to reach but when I am in a really creative mood and can write more, I will write more then. First of all there is the challenge of… Reviews – at least a monthly post about: My reviews are more an appreciation of how I would rate it. This is based on my personal interest and I am not a professional in any of these categories, just a personal based given score.

  • a Film of my IMDb list
  • a documentary I have seen
  • a book I have read, this can be:
    • a study book
    • a hardcover / paperback book from the library
    • an ebook from the library
    • an ebook from the Kobo store

Health and food – just when it occurs With holidays or just sometimes during the weekend I like to cook something special, or at least a three course menu. I combine the different recipes myself and I will share it. When I learn something about food or my sport cycling, I’ll share that too. So as an overview. A post could be:

  • a recipe for a course
  • foodknowledge
  • healtheffects
  • cycling
  • other sports

Pinterest Entertainment & Events to be continued and updated…

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