The Fall Life Update 2021

A small recap on life the past couple of months.

The year 2020 and the year 2021 are both a bit special years. Different than we would expect it to be, different than we would have imagined it to be. Just so different.

Personal life

In my personal life I had some bumps on the road. Those sort of bumps that give you life lessons and let’s you take a break from blogging to reflect proper on it.

Bad luck and illness among loved ones, worrying if they’ll recover or if it ends in mourning. Okay maybe too straight forward talking. We’re all getting older year by year and that is something I am very aware of these days. I’m a twenty-something years old young woman and it feels like it’s becoming more and more important to spent quality time with the people I hold dear. And such bad luck and / or illness will be a sideline part in my life now and then. That’s the circle of life. Such as how animals live their lives in the world. Uncontrollable of the future, lucky or unlucky, day by day, season by season, year by year. Very very conscious and cautious.

The world is opening up again, bit by bit recovering. And it feels like I am getting more aware now of how much I missed all the dear people I normally saw during the year. And I haven’t seen many of them during the start and height of the pandemic. Which already lasts for 1,5 years. The pandemic is still not over, just as the flu that is raising again for this winter. So I am quite nervous for how it both will develop and how we’ll get through it again.

Every sadness let’s you consciously experience your happy moments! And not taking them for granted.

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Beside the bumps, I also had and have some nice views from lookout points on my road of life.

Since this month I am working already a year with data for a nice company that I am still getting to know bit by bit better every single day. Full time working started as a challenge since I have not worked fulltime earlier as an employee at a company. So I was figuring out my rhythm and throughout the different seasons. I love to get up when the sun just starts to shine. That you see the morning fog during breakfast and get on your bicycle when it disappears. Breathing the fresh morning air.

Fall and Spring are therefor my favourite seasons to be outside and enjoy the changing view of nature that happens during the day and overnight.

I am thankful for all the moments I enjoy. All the moments I have and will have with the dear ones I will see again. Including animals haha, they always have a special place in my heart. Animals of friends and zoo’s: here I come 🙂 together with my loved one and my camera!

Right before fall started, during end of summer, I went on holiday to Bretagne. A multicultural, Celtic influenced province in France. About my adventures there, the story behind many photos, I will write some blog posts.

The world is opening up again bit by bit and I’m loving life and be grateful more than ever for every lovely moment.
So hi blogs and social media and the creative industry, I’m back from a long reflecting pause and feel (mentally) stronger than ever. And I am ready to write some blogs again, practice some creative skills and share my opinion about books, films, series and games.

Loves from Sophie

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