The Kennedys 2011


The Kennedy family was one of the most legendary families during the 20th century. In these eight episode three time goes quick. This series spans three decades of the life of the Kennedys.

The Kennedys (2011) is a television mini-series that has only 8 episodes of each 44 minutes. It is named as a 4-part movie event. I have seen parts of it on television a few years ago but I have never seen the full series. I am curious so I will watch this mini-series. The production companies are mainly Muse Entertainment Enterprises and Asylum Entertainment. The places are all in Canada or the USA.

The six actors, actresses and their characters who you see through every episode are:

  • Kristin Booth – Ethel Kennedy
  • Diana Hardcastle – Rose Kennedy
  • Katie Holmes – Jackie Kennedy
  • Greg Kinnear – Jack Kennedy
  • Barry Pepper – Bobby Kennedy
  • Tom Wilkinson – Joe Kennedy

Have you seen The Kennedys, or will you watch it?

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  1. Katie Holmes is a way hotter Jackie! Truthfully, I always felt sorry for Jackie though. I didn’t watch the series, I’ve lived through much of the end of it.

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