The Lexus IS sedan cardboard car

The Lexus fully made of cardboard and a little electro engine.

The video of the making off this car is below…

Lexus made a real cardboard car that is slowly drivable, in a controlled area. Only no steering but the doors work and the car drives by an electric motor. The Lexus was inspired by the origami car that is made earlier this year in Japan. This origami test is required for workers on Lexus’ production line.
This cardboard is a nice innovation. Complicated, lightweight, sliced by a laser cut machine and it’s computer made models.
This car is a replica of the Lexus IS model sedan and uses 1700 pieces of cut cardboard. The pieces are all placed by hand since there is – not yet – a machine or robot that can place this material as gently as possible as a human’s hand. Five men worked three months on this incredible project. And the result is lovely.

Enjoy the video’s!

Greetings by Sophie

Lexus – Making the Origami Inspired Car

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