The Monthly Challenge Organized

An update about the changes of my blog

Maybe you recognize that it takes a little while for you found what will be your definitive monthly challenge. The past couple of weeks I’ve been working on my website and my blog and organised the menu and the categories. I divided my interests and posts into categories and the accompanying categories. And suddenly this evening an idea came up in my mind: to support the monthly challenge and have an organised overview I’ll post an overview every month of what’s been posted in the categorie of the challenge. And a good simplification – but still challenging – list of the postcategories.

In my previous post about the monthly challenge: The Challenge for 2015 I made a list of what I could be posting about as a monthly challenge based on my interest. After nearly two months I figured out which categories works best for me and I post – or first think of course – about.

So the monthly challenge is to post something monthly what is related to the big categories: Art – Digital – Health – Sports – Technology – Travel. And probably I post within Art monthly about: Books – Films – Music – Series

A lot of posts are being finished and coming up!

And of course live life, be happy and…

Enjoy reading!

Greetings by Sophie

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