The New Year Resolutions for 2023

It’s the second of January 2023 and time to share my 20+ New Year’s revolutions for this year with a focus on this blog. I hope you will find some inspiration in this blog. Let me know in the comments.

Current life schedule

So how does my life currently looks like? Maybe you ask yourself this question often when writing your own new year’s resolutions. Well here is how my life schedule currently looks like:

In my daily life:

  • I have a fulltime job, read: work 40 hours a week of which half of it at one of the offices and a bit of commute.
  • I study various things: finishing an applied sciences bachelor study, various university courses, specialization certifications from Microsoft and so on
  • I spend time with family and friends every now and then
  • I’m a bit active

Due to the difficulty level of the resolutions I will mention for the blog, for me personal as a blogger and for the social media; I have split it up in two parts. The easy – average part and and the average – hard part. This means that for the the easy – average list I am assuming that I should be able to reach all those by the end of the year. For the average – hard list I am assuming that it would be nice if I reach all those by the end of the year 2023 but it could realistically also be possible that I will not be able – due to circumstances that can play in life – to reach the goal by the end of the year.

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The New Year’s Resolutions for the blog

This blog Sophie’s Creative is focusing on seven topics. Books – Films – Series & Lifestyle & Code – Games – Gadgets. Those seven topics always need some thrive to be written. Inspiration enough, the backlog is long enough.

I would love to:

  • Books: Write a book review every week
  • Books: Read more books than in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 – which is on average 30 books a year.
  • Films: Write a book review every week
  • Films: Watch a film every two weeks
  • Series: Write a series review every week
  • Series: Finish a series season every month
  • Games: Write a game review every two weeks
  • Gadgets: Write a gadget review every two weeks

I would like to:

  • Books: Read more than 40 books.
  • Books: Write more book related blogposts
  • Films: Watch a film every week
  • Series: Finish 2 series seasons every month.
  • Games: Publish a game video every two weeks
  • Gadgets: Publish an unboxing or using video every two weeks
  • Code: Film code progress / stream coding.
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The personal New Year’s Resolutions

Inspired by lots of others New Year’s Resolutions, I came up with the following list for myself, which I would like to combine with my blog ideas and habits.

Goal: Become more healthy physically and mentally.

I would love to:

  • Be more sportively active in my daily life
  • Be more aware of the right nutrition
  • Try new recipes often
  • Enjoying the process of creativity
  • Start meal prepping
  • Learn a new coding language

I would like to:

  • Run a 5km under 36:36 (which was my previous record before my allergy)
  • Run a 10km in whatever time (due to allergy)
  • Map a nice run and write a blog post about it
  • Engage with a fun run event
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The social media New Year’s Resolutions

For the social media channels I have for the blog and because I like social media.

Main goal: More consistency and enjoying every piece – not being too much of a perfectionist

I would love to:

  • Establish my own style more clearly
  • Follow the calendar seasons
  • Follow some important special days of the year
  • Engage more with the book community
  • Engage more with the game community
  • Engage more with the developers community

I would like to:

  • Have a bigger backlog for the socials

Other New Year’s Resolutions

Beside the above mentioned resolutions, there are many other resolutions I like as well.
Maybe one day I will pick an extra from this list or I will achieve it unknowingly. If that happens, then I will see it at the end of this year 2023 when the what and the why will be explained in the New Year’s Resolutions in Review blog post.

Curious for the other resolutions that came across my mind too? – based on inspirations.

Here is the list: – …and my thoughts so far…

  • Learn a new language – hard to define when you have learned a new language, Duolingo?.
  • Take the stairs for 100 days – then I do need to count that too...
  • Drink less alcohol – define what is less if you drink already rarely throughout the year
  • Listening to novels while working out – already doing that sometimes, now more regularly
  • Reach for 1 month at least the 300K Garmin Step Challenge – that’s roughly 10K a day.
  • Donate food – Good idea, just need to figure out how here in The Netherlands.
  • Join the Junior AIVD puzzle for Christmas 2023
  • Give the Senior AIVD puzzle a try for Christmas 2023

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2023?

Thank you for reading!

Loves from Sophie

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