The Seasonal Column 2022 | Spring Summary and Summer Preview

Welcome to Sophie’s Creative and the Seasonal Column of Spring 2022!

In this ‘The Seasonal Column’ I give you a summary of my life and the blog of the past season. This edition of spring is highlighted and I also give away already a small preview for the summer edition on which I will reflect when fall starts. Curious? Enjoy reading!

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The Spring Summary

It’s been a while since my last blog post in spring. Summer arrived already and this spring review was, due to the life update I will share with you in this blog post, somewhat delayed. It’s a life update with a closing chapter: a student of the system.

Right before spring I updated this blog from ‘Sophie’s Blog’ to ‘Sophie’s Creative’. Can you imagine why? I redesigned my blog because of a new idea. Later on more about it. This spring marks also my blogging anniversary of a decade. Not only this blog but all blogs I since I started studying.

Ten years of writing and everything that belongs to a blog. Ten years of defining an opinion of lots and lots of subjects. Defining a taste. Trying out recipes, visiting places and telling stories of traveling. Not all that I experience in life is written on the blog nor will be written. But it defines me, being myself, being just Sophie. Growing from a teenager/young adult into the real adult life. This blog has always been a hobby and an idea is slumbering around for a while already, to level it up!

How the idea started by experience

At the start of this blog – while it was Sophie’s Blog – I took it very seriously and created formats and I created a database with lots of ideas etcetera that I could use.

Little warning: This was halfway through my study career of a decade so I had some challenges. I have written in my previous blog post the last chapter – and review – of my decade of studying in this system. It is a tough and emotional blog post – though hopefully factfully enough described – so I do not want to bother you unnecessarily. You can read that blog post here: My study experience of a decade.

With the redesign to ‘Sophie’s Creative’ I recreated the formats and databases I previously used. I launched the redesign way earlier than to wait for the behind the scenes to be finished. Because: behind the scenes of this blog is never finished. It is an ongoing creative proces.

The redesign of Sophie’s Blog to Sophie’s Creative.

At the beginning of spring I got out of a small reading slump. For a month I was not really focused in my free time and could not finish reading a book, could not finish even an audiobook and had several currently listening to.

The first book review of spring 2022.

Halfway through spring I have been on holiday to Brittany (FR) again and focusing on photography, long walks, enjoying lots of delicious food and drinks and been spending lots of time with my loved ones and we’ve been playing board games and card games. I was completely and socially offline for a good amount of days. A much needed refill of my energy and enthusiasm :).

Later on in spring I started creating and designing some bookish products in my free time and social life is getting a bit busier currently. I also prepared some concept videos for reviews and just how I play a game. And also added some more social media templates to my library but those will be released on the related socials and on this blog with the according timings of books, films and series challenges.

The Summer Preview

As mentioned slightly earlier this blog, during summer a few templates will be released for social media challenges related to three of my hobbies. The bookish products will probably head towards the autumn/fall season. So no update on that shortly.

I am planning more consistently my evenings- and weekend plans. Though I have to find the right balance between blogging content preparations, online studying, reading books and watching films/series, sports and other hobbies and spending time in the social life. Never a dull moment unless the energy bar needs a refill.

I hope you like this series of the Seasonal Column – under a thousand words – where I give a summary of my life and my blog. This edition the spring was highlighted and already a preview for the summer on which I will reflect when fall starts.

Have a nice evening!

Loves from Sophie

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