The Seasonal Column | Summer Summary and Autumn Preview

Welcome to Sophie’s Creative and the Seasonal Column of Summer 2022!

In this ‘The Seasonal Column’ I give you a summary of my life and the blog of the past season. This edition of summer is highlighted and I also give away already a small preview for the autumn edition on which I will reflect when winter starts.
Curious? Enjoy reading!

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The Summer Summary

Summer has flown by. I just came back from my summer holiday in London, so time to write some blog posts about this adventure. Which according to the astronomical calendar started at the end of summer but – technically – according to the meteorological calendar it was already autumn when we started our holiday.

The astronomical season dates are probably the ones you are most familiar with. The autumn season started this year on Friday 23rd of September 2022 and lasts until Wednesday 21st December 2022. The meteorological autumn started already at the 1st of September and lasts until my birthday: 30th of November! I love winters but I am according to the calendars an autumn child.

In my previous column I mentioned that I would release a couple of templated for social media challenges related to my hobbies. I got a bit delayed so it will now come together with the update on bookish products that I will publish in this autumn/fall season.

And if I look back on my planning endeavor, I can conclude that for most parts in my life it worked out well. I planned my evenings and weekends so I could properly study. Next to some stuff for the ongoing study, I also managed to complete some courses through Coursera, a training at work and a training I followed in person in The Netherlands.


The courses I completed this summer with a certificate are:

  • Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting – Coursera (June 2022)
  • Automating Administration With PowerShell AZ-040 – Vijfhart (June 2022)
  • Persoonlijke Effectiviteit – YEARTH Academy (July 2022)
  • Introduction to Computer Programming – University of London (July 2022)

During the tropical month of August and during the busy month of September I had a study break.


In the spring season I got out of a small reading slump and during summer I have read and listened to quite a lot and finished a couple of books. The books I have finished during summer:

  • Meer succes met Instagram! – Rik Keizer
  • Brief Answers to the Big Questions – Stephen Hawking
  • Een leven met Formule 1 – Olav Mol
  • Mijn jaren bij de politie – Ellie Lust
  • The Duke and I (Bridgerton #1) – Julia Quinn
  • The Duke and I: The 2nd Epiloque (Bridgertons #1.5)
  • Zomerhuis – Linda van Rijn


The success of my planning endeavour, up until september, resulted in that I have seen again a couple of films and finished a couple of series. The films I have finished through the summer:

  • The Maze Runner
  • Der Tod kommt nach Venedig
  • The Wolverine
  • Happy Feet – Review: Happy Feet (2006)
  • Rampage: Big Meets Bigger
  • NOAH

I’ve also watched a couple of documentaries about the late Queen Elizabeth II and her history and family, if I feel up for it I will write separate reviews about those.


The series seasons I have finished through the summer:

  • Bridgerton – Season One
  • The Verhulst Family – Season Two
  • The Verhulst Family – Season Three
  • The Originals – Season Five

Out of all these books, films and series a couple of reviews will be written on this blog in the future. It will not be in the order of what I have read or seen recently. Just in the order I feel up to at the moment of writing.

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The Autumn Preview

Since I just came back from holiday and autumn just started, this preview is quite a nearby preview.

In the upcoming month October I will publish a couple of blog posts related to my hobbies. The planning for the blog posts for this season is in it’s final state. Still have to write them but at least I have got an overview and goal to work towards to daily.

I will write as well about a couple of the visits we made during our holiday in London and share some inspiration for the upcoming Halloween in more lifestyle related writings. As well as finishing some more Coursera parts of courses and Pluralsight paths. Keep on studying is fun.

The month of November will be for me personal a month of festivities and blogging meanwhile and on the edge of October – November is always a bit more stress for study related tasks as well. I really want to achieve good grades and challenge myself in learning more and more and learn how to explain it to others.

The month of December will be a preparation for the festive days of Christmas and the winter season. The blog posts I will write for this month will be Christmas theme related. So be prepared for a bunch of Christmas books, films and series episodes. There is not a complete Christmas related nor dedicated series as far as I currently know, it is at least not on my watchlist currently.

Overall throughout the season I am also in the blog backstage area busy with: photography, products, videos and so on of what I will reveal bit by bit some parts of it. And developing a habit into a more healthy and sporty lifestyle. During the summer this was the same. The base of my life is: happy and healthy life & happy work and in my free time busy with what I love to do e.g. my hobbies and socializing with my dear family and my dear friends. So I think no matter which season it is, but if the base of your life is solid you can manage much extra around it, way more than you can sometimes imagine.

I hope you like this series of the Seasonal Column โ€“ under a thousand words โ€“ where I give a summary of my life and my blog. This edition the spring was highlighted and already a preview for the summer on which I will reflect when fall starts.

Have a nice evening!

Loves from Sophie

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