The takeover of WhatsApp by Facebook

This week is annouced that Facebook buys WhatsApp for 19 Billion US Dollars. But except this high amount of dollars – which is approximately 13 times Facebook’s entire 2013 net income (says Forbes) – I am curious about what exactly will change, happen or improve the apps by this change.

For example: it is still not possible to call anyone right from your Facebook Messenger App, which seems to be possible in the United States and even in the United Kingdom. Yes if this first would be possible for The Netherlands, maybe the battery of my Samsung wil last longer because I could make a call without switching between the apps.

I hope that with this takeover, Facebook will compare WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but I want to keep my confident in the difference between Facebook friends and your mobile contacts. Most of them are the same in my life. But I do not have from every Facebookfriend their mobile number and vice versa. So what I mean is: I hope that they will not make a profile from every person for me, vice versa, and for themselves without knowing that possibly happens too.

A function like the choice to choose between showing Facebookcontacts and Mobile, would already help a little. I am also wondering what it would mean for the businessmen who already have or have to buy a businessphone because of all the new links, contacts….integration of everything. Will your businesslife still be separated from your private life?

What do you think?

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