Game | The Treasures of Montezuma | Nintendo DS (2006)

My game review of ‘The Treasures of Montezuma’ published for the Nintendo DS.

In my view

This edition for the Nintendo DS is based on the famous PC game of ‘The Treasures of Montezuma’ which is developed and published by Alawar Entertainment Inc. This puzzle game is an old one but also a gold one. It contains the basics you probably later on discovered with puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and more. The challenges are a bit repeatedly, each time a more difficult level. I find it a nice game to play now and then and check if I can be sharp, quick and focused at the same time. The toplevels of the game require you to be in your best concentration shape.


The graphics are what you expect on a DS. The nice thing is though that this version for the Nintendo DS makes use of two screens but you only have to use the bottom one. The top screen is for videos and messages being displayed and requires rarely interaction. So you do not have to drag from one screen to another, you just small-drag the jewels on the bottom screen to match three of the same color as quick as possible to make the required matches and score the minimum amount of points.


Some levels are quite easy, others are challenging. During the game you unlock totems and earn stars. With the stars you can level up a totem so it increases the benefits of the game.

The game has the following facts:

  • 41 levels to play
  • 5 episodes
  • 4 bonus games
  • 8 bonus levels
  • 7 totems with benefits
  • 9 prizes to collect with different achievement levels

In the main menu you can choose to start your journey with a quest, which is the story and all the challenges in order, or play a quick game. Further more in the main menu there are options, instructions and high scores.

You can play the game in normal mode and in hard mode, which is just a setting for the difficulty of the game. For each level you have to find a couple of diamonds. And each next level tops up with 5 diamonds. By using your unlocked totems wisely you can make the game easier or more difficult. And if you fail a level you can try again and reschedule the upgrades of the totems. So those are not permanent! You can play around with the upgrades and make it fit for each level.


The game has a main character named ‘Dr. Emily Jones’. She is in Mexico for research and you have to help her. Between the different episodes there are story parts but other than that your character, like in most puzzle games, is in the background. The focus is more on the gameplay than the story itself.

Game trailer

Game Facts

Title: The Treasures of Montezuma
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Alawar Entertainment
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment Iinc. / Foreign Media
Platform: Nintendo DS
Age Rating: 3+
Release Year: 2006
Rating: 7 / 10 stars

I hope you like the game too. It is worth playing it. I am not telling in this review about the challenges too much, you have to play the game yourself and make your own opinion.

Enjoy gaming!

Loves from Sophie

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