The Vampire Diaries | Season One

My series review of “The Vampire Diaries | Season One” created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson

In my view…

This series made after the Twilight Saga really a trend. There is though a big difference in the kind of vampires that play in this series and the ones that play in the Twilight Saga. In the Twilight Saga the vampire has the features of being cold, having a skin that looks in the sun like diamonds. In The Vampire Diaries the vampires can just walk outside in daylight, as long as they are carrying a ring that protects them from the burning sun. Both are quite different and quite the same.

This story is about Elena Gilbert, just an ordinary girl living ordinary days. But she looks so familiar. She looks a lot like someone from years ago. And the two Salvatore brothers are staying already a long time in town.
It is beautiful to see how these stories are fiction our world. Not a separate fantasy world. When you are watching this it sometimes feels really close.

The thing I like about this series: they have their own introduction, a little bit different, every new episode. So the introduction part is always a bit different and not a whole season the same.

I am not telling about the story – never do in my reviews – you have to see the series yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! See the little descriptions about every episode below.

A short description where this seasons starts with.
Elena and Jeremy are deeply shocked by the sudden death of their parents. They move to Mystic Falls and live with their aunt Jenna. But other species are living their too among the normal people. Elena is a very smart student and she meets the new student names Stefan Salvatore. He is hiding a dark secret. What is happening in Mystic Falls and what happened over a century ago? Elena looks like somebody. Who is she? What are the features? What are the differences?

The overview of the episodes:

This first seasons contains 22 episodes of each ~42 minutes.

  • Episode 1 ‘Pilot’
  • Episode 2  ‘The Night of the Comet’
  • Episode 3 ‘Friday Night Blues’
  • Episode 4 ‘Family Ties’
  • Episode 5 ‘You’re Undead to Me’
  • Episode 6 ‘Lost Girls’
  • Episode 7 ‘Haunted’
  • Episode 8 ‘162 Candles’
  • Episode 9 ‘History Repeating’
  • Episode 10 ‘The Turning Point’
  • Episode 11 ‘Bloodlines’
  • Episode 12 ‘Unpleasantville’
  • Episode 13 ‘Children of the Damned’
  • Episode 14 ‘Fool me Once’
  • Episode 15 ‘A Few Good Men’
  • Episode 16 ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’
  • Episode 17 ‘Let the Right One In’
  • Episode 18 ‘Under Control’
  • Episode 19 ‘Miss Mystic Falls’
  • Episode 20 ‘Blood Brother’
  • Episode 21 ‘Isobel’
  • Episode 22 ‘Founder’s Day’

Greetings by Sophie

Title: The Vampire Diaries | Season One
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Developed by: Julie Plec / Kevin Williamson
Writer (book): L.J. Smith
Country: United States of America (USA)
Original channel: The CW
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 2009, september 10th
Release in NL: 2010, january 31th
Time: ~42 minutes each episode
Production Companies: Alloy Entertainment, Bonanza Productions, Warner Bros. Television
IMDb rating: 7,9 / 10
Rating: 9/10
The horror part that makes this series also be part of the horror genre, is sometimes really scary. 

Top 25 cast:

  1. Paul Wesley / Stefan Salvatore
  2. Ian Somerhalder / Damon Salvatore
  3. Kat Graham / Bonnie Bennett
  4. Candice Accola / Caroline Forbes
  5. Zach Roerig / Matt Donovan
  6. Nina Dobrev / Elena Gilbert
  7. Steven R. McQueen / Jeremy Gilbert
  8. Michael Trevino / Tyler Lockwood
  9. Matthew Davis / Alaric Saltzman
  10. Marguerite MacIntyre / Sheriff Liz Forbes
  11. Sara Canning / Jenna Sommers
  12. Susan Walters / Carol Lockwood
  13. Malese Jow / Anna Zhu
  14. Kayla Ewell / Vicki Donovan
  15. David Anders / John Gilbert
  16. Jasmine Guy / Sheila Bennett
  17. Kelly Hu / Pearl Zhu
  18. Robert Pralgo / Mayor  Lockwood
  19. Bianca Lawson / Emily Bennett
  20. Mia Kirshner / Isobel Flemming
  21. Chris J. Johnson / Logan Fell
  22. Chris William Martin / Zach Salvatore
  23. Sterling Sulieman / Harper
  24. Melinda Clarke / Kelly Donovan
  25. Benjamin Ayres / William Tanner

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