The Writer’s Block

Everyone has it sometimes. A writer who writes a blog, a student who writes an essay. Though the purposes of those two examples are different, it can be the same person. I am a student who has to write essays for my study and I am that same student who likes to write a blog. A Writer’s block is something that has been studied since the last past decades. A writer can be out of inspiration, which can caused by several factors. Has it something to do with the environment in the writer’s life? Or something to do with what the writer has been writing?

I discovered at least that a goal helps. For example Mark Zuckerberg has for every year a new goal. This year he reads a book in every two weeks. I am a booklover too but due to study and reading academic articles, books and being in that academic jargon of words…I did not read much anymore. Time to make a change, time to challenge myself from now on. The challenge will be described in the next post.

Do you have a challenge? Let me know maybe you inspire me!

Greetings from Sophie

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