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Theme: Autumn inspiration

This weekend officially the autumn season started. Though I have not seen autumn leaves yet nor falling leaves. I have seen a lot of chestnuts that have fallen from trees and are covering the ground floor around the tree bases. And the weather is getting more rainy and the temperature is slightly dropping every week; a sign that the autumn season is on its way.

The first Tuesday with the Top Five Today focus at the start of the autumn season, is a nice Tuesday gather some inspiration for seasonal decoration, foods and drinks. So today is even three times a Top Five Today. Gathered in the theme ‘Autumn inspiration’. For some people, autumn is their least favourite season and a sad one. But the autumn season has its beauty too!

What does inspire you for the autumn season?

Top Five Today – Autumn decorations

Five choices of decoration I like, are different and are quite easy to make yourself.

A cute bow construction with a few mini pumpkins and ‘Hello Fall’ next to the iron light box
A pumpkin shape made from wooden blocks and on top a cute decoration of a bow, a wooden pumpkin top and some colored leaves.
Three jars painted in the fall colors orange, white and milk chocolate. Divided over the three jars is a bouquet of autumn orange flowers and a few plant stems and plant leaves.
A wooden woven hat on a door and on the brim a bunch of cutted colorful ribbons that makes it look like a bunch of tidy bows
A nice long table decoration with a zigzag of pumpkins in different sizes and accompanied by small candle lights and two big jars diagonally opposite each other at the beginning and the end on the wooden plate it is all decorated on.

Top Five Today – Autumn drinks

Five choices of drinks I like and are quick and easy

Top Five Today – Autumn food

Five choices of food I like, some food is challenging to make and some food is easy to create.

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Enjoy these inspirations and a happy autumn!

Greetings by Sophie

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