Suddenly a beautiful song came into my mind. A song that’s been played a decade ago when I was much younger and going to the first years in high school. The song Children played and composed by Twarres, a former Dutch Fries band.

The videoclip of Twarres – Children

Enjoy listening!

Twarres is a former band. The bandmembers were Johan van der Veen and Mirjam Timmer. Sadly they quitted as a band on January 1st, 2004. Why the split up is not very certain. But the band made two albums, played in the television show ‘Huis van Oranje’ hosted by Paul de Leeuw. Later they played in some shows from Marco Borsato and got a contract with the music label EMI Music. They band sang in two languages, their native language West Fries (a dialect of Dutch) and English. ‘Children’ is obviously an English song. But their most famous – not English – song is ‘Wêr Bisto:

The videoclip of Twarres – Wêr Bisto

Enjoy listening!

And with this post you get to know a bit more from The Netherlands, it’s music from a decade ago I grew up with and the talented musicians.

Which music is from your place where you’re living famous over there, talented but yet unknown to many people?

Feel free to share your opinion about this or your favourite music!

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