Valentines Day 2020

Today is Valentines Day! An extra special day of the year to celebrate that there is love! The most difficult livelong chapter we try to understand day by day and value it for its most beautiful cherishable moments. And fight for or with it in its most toughest moments. But let not fight or argue or bicker today. A day of love and peace.

Valentine’s Board

And if you feel alone today, well this blog post is for you too! You are on the internet, seeing this blog post and – oke a cliché – but the whole internet is one big communication tool and one big (semi-human) community with all sorts of different people and their characteristics, culture and interests. Celebrate today that you are one of those people too with your own characteristics and interests.

You can only give someone else some love, if you love yourself first! So keep that up :). Grab a jar and pen and paper and write down all the things you love. Then from this day onward you’ve got a jar full of love. And if you have one day a tough day; grab a note from the jar and remember what you love.

Love is the strongest feeling that gets you through the toughest moments.

Loves from Sophie

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