Visme | The new presentation and infographic tool

Everybody has to give a presentation during study or work, just sometime.

Maybe you told a story, accompanied by some images: the Magic Lantern? a moodboard? photos through a slide projector? overhead project sheets covered with a drawing?

Maybe you told a story, accompanied by a little video.

Maybe you told a story combined with text and an image or a video.

Probably you have used once the software named Microsoft Powerpoint and later on you have maybe use Prezi – the online presentation software.

Now there is a tool that combines making an infographic – the modern moodboard with more facts – or making a presentation in a bit new way.

It is called: Visme!

Yesterday I have seen a comprehensive explanation about this tool on the blog of Thom H. Gibson –> Visme a new presentation software I actually like

I have two questions for you today:

Which tools do you use? 

Have you made an infographic? 
My previous infographic blog posts: Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign & Infographic Six Large Social Media

It is inspired by this nice video:

Visme – The Best Online Presentation & Infographic Tool
 YouTube description:

Visme – The Best Online Presentation & Infographic Tool

Published on 14 Apr 2015

Visme helps anyone tell better stories and translate ideas into professional Presentations, Infographics & other forms of Visual Content. Design better Business Presentations, Slide Decks and Infographics in HTML5. Use it free at

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Enjoy watching!

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