Walking home

In the city I’m living, Rotterdam, I walk and cycle a lot. Sometimes partly guided by the public transport like the tram, the metro or the bus. Or by bikeshops. Just to take a look through the window and search with my eyes for the little hidden beauty of cycling kits, accessories, bikes and so on. Today was a very sunny, warm, nearly windstill day and the first – measured in degrees – summer day of the year 2015! And a – mostly – windstill day, is a rare happening in Rotterdam. I decided to take a break this midday and have a drink alongside a beautiful water place. I enjoyed the view accompanied by a good historical novel book named: Jacoba, Dochter van Holland and written by Simone van der Vlugt. When it was time to go home, I decided to walk back home, it is not a short walk. But with this weather it does not matter how long the walk is. As long as you enjoy walking and arrive back home.

This has been my beautiful view, suddenly a family of swans came for a short visit. 

My question to you: Do you like to walking home from spontaneously instead of taking the public transport?

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