What a day! – Sandra van Tongeren

My book review of “What a day!” written by Sandra van Tongeren

Title: What a day
Author: Sandra van Tongeren
Genre: Fiction
NUR: 312 = Pocketbooks popular fiction
Publisher: Ark Media
Year 1st edition: 2013
Year edition read: 2013
Original language: Dutch
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 160
Rating: 4/5 

Dutch review:
On Hebban.nl: link here

My Story:
“What a day” is a book which I tended to read it at once. The book starts quite amusing because the writer lets you follow the two main characters of the book in their thinking and doing. And it goes on and on. I find it amazing that someone could describe a day so extensive, almost everything is detailed! But also history is shown in the book, even more in their thinking than in their doing. You can also imagine very good as a reader at what it would be if your best friend is getting married. How do you stay being best friends before, during and after the wedding? Or would time change? The book gives no answer but leaves you by thinking about it.

Greetings by Sophie

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