Win iPhone Case 4/4s from Blossom Books

Winner update!

The tombola was going round ‘n round and suddenly, randomly, a name was picked out of all the competitors…

The blog did not meet all the goals yet at March 1st, 2017. So the drawing had taken place at 23:59 at March 1st, 2017.

The winner is: Miss M. Hassell! Congratulations with winning the iPhone 4/4s case from Blossom Books!

Thank you for sharing through Facebook!


Thank you all for participating and see you next time!


Greetings by Sophie


Hi everyone,

It is a sunday in february and I thought: let’s organise win action!

The only thing you have to do is complete one of those three combinations (done within one minute):
Every extra fully completed combination you do is an extra time your name in the gamble box!
  • Follow Sophie’s Blog by email or WordPress itself & like the win action post & repost (if possible otherwise leave a comment)
  • Follow Sophie’s Blog on Facebook & like the win action post & repost (publicly if possible otherwise mention it in a comment below the post)
  • Follow Sophie’s Blog on Twitter & like the win action tweet & retweet (publicly if possible otherwise mention it in a comment below the tweet)
  • Follow Sophie’s Blog on Instagram & like the win action post & repost (publicly if possible otherwise mention it in a comment below the post)
You can win: … An iPhone 4 / 4s Case from ‘Blossom Books’ with the text: “Let’s TALK ABOUT BOOKS”


Current State Facts (19 february 2017,  22:00 in Rotterdam)
  • 235 WordPress user followers
  • 93 Facebook Page likes
  • 394 Twitter followers
  • 593 Instagram followers
Goal for winning iPhone 4/4s case: growth of 25% of the ‘Current State Facts’
(number above * 1,25 rounded up)
  • = 294 WordPress user followers
  • = 117 Facebook Page likes
  • = 493 Twitter followers
  • = 742 Instagram followers
When is the drawing of the winner?
  • 1st of March 2017, at 22:00 in Rotterdam
  • OR earlier if all the above goals are met


Follow … Like … ‘n Share…


Greetings by Sophie


Again beware: sending in NL (The Netherlands) only!
Why online in The Netherlands? Because I don’t have the budget (yet) to send items to the rest of Europe or the World.
How did I organise this? Well…bought the wrong size of the case because my previous iPhone was a 5C and a buying the 4/4s case version was a misbuy  and I realised later on that 5/5s cases won’t precisely fit a 5C case. I tried that with another case from a friend. So these cases are not used!


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