Year 2015 and 2016 in Book Statistics

The year 2017 has started and Goodreads has an overview of my book statistics for 2016. I have not posted my 2015 book statistics of Goodreads last year so I combine 2015 and 2016 in this post. Lists makes a comparison more clear. It will not be a list of books (yet) but only a list of statistics.

The list of 2015
  • Books total: 60 books
  • Pages total: 7740 pages
  • Shortest book: 9 pages ‘Een lesje nederigheid’ [NL]  written by Astrid Marijn
  • Longest book: 350 pages ‘Call After Midnight’ written by Tess Gerritsen
  • Average length: 133
  • Most popular:Twilight director’s notebook’ written by Catherine Hardwicke
  • Least popular:Wolters Informatiekunde in je pocket’ written by Albert Lubberink
  • My average rating: 3,7 / 5 stars

Goodreads link to my 2015 overview: My Year 2015 in Books

Short recap of 2015:

In 2015 I started in september with a new study so I had plenty of time in the first months of 2015. And as soon as study started, I started to read books about programming languages too.

Book Reviews I have written in 2015

Chronological from oldest to newest

The list of 2016

Did the 2016 challenge beat the 2015 challenge?

  • Books total: 40 books
  • Pages total: 7500 pages
  • Shortest book: 12 pages ‘The Tangi Bridge’ written by K.M. Zafari
  • Longest book: 389 pages ‘The House of Silk’ written by Anthony Horowitz
  • Average length: 192 pages
  • Most popular: this part is missing in the statistics…strange
  • Least popular: this part is missing too in the statistics…strange
  • My average rating: 3,7 / 5 stars

Goodreads link to my 2016 overview: My Year 2016 in Books

Goodreads has also provided the ‘My Year 2016 in Books’ overview of Emma Watson! She has read a lot! And she does it for fun but also, more important for her bookclub named ‘Our Shared Shelf’, which is part of her work for the United Nations Women. Not only books, also essays are reviewed! Get inspired by her bookshelf: Emma Watson’s ‘My Year 2016 in Books’

And do you know Dresscode Rotterdam? An organisation of students that promotes coding among women? Facebook of Dresscode Rotterdam and Instagram of Dresscode Rotterdam.

Short recap of 2016:

Soon after I started my study software engineering / computer science, the year 2016 started too. And I had less and less time for reading just a normal book. Also the switch between reading about programming languages in books, documents and all over the internet and different forums and coding environments…did not make it more easy to start with a book. I started nearly in as many books for study as in books I have read the past year. Or at least 20 books for study so to say. Some background information for an assignment or just for better understanding of the topics to prepare for exams. 

With all the forum posts, manuals, documents and bookchapters that all had to do with my study (and still has in anno 2017, it will probably never end haha) made that I have read more than ever…just not in complete finished books. But in the upcoming years some study books will be completed because then I master the matter and have completely read the book. Than…my statistics of Goodreads will hugely increase probably.

Book reviews I have written in 2016:

So here we are…time for the comparison of those two years in a summary:

  • Books total: In terms of completed books…2015 wins. In terms of uncompleted books and therefore more pages…2016 would win.
  • Pages total: 2015 wins but 2016 has less books but an higher average!
  • Shortest book: 2015 wins, the shortest book so far.
  • Longest book: 2016 wins, but 2017 will beat it!
  • Average length: 2016 wins again and 2017 will beat it again!
  • My average rating: No winner! It’s a draw!
Some Questions

Last but not least I have some questions for you

Have you read nice books in 2015 and or 2016?

Do you know what your statistics are?

Do you keep track of all your readings?

Are you a Goodreads member?

Are you a Hebban member?


Have a nice reading year of 2017!

Greetings by Sophie

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