YouTube as the visual extension for this blog

It is finally here! After a couple of evenings a couple of hours script writing, filming, preparation for editing, editing itself ánd promoting preparation…. I have created my first casual game walkthrough! A video just published on YouTube and promoted on my social channels. A video I wished to make way earlier but a start is a start. And it is a video that belongs to one of the main categories I want to create visual additions to a review: gaming!

These were the first words in my mind I had right after publishing the video to YouTube and promoting it on Instagram.

Just wow!

Proud that I did it! Proud that I finished a video-edit about a subject and shared it with the world while I am a perfectionist and had so many perfectionists moments during the editing. Always a bit scared to take so definitely the stage (once online always online). It’s not a theater piece you practice over and over again for a different kind of public and location each time.

Me in my new little media studio in front of the science fiction and fantasy bookcase and some gadgets

Context of Sophie’s Creative on YouTube:

Every video in general I post on YouTube are an extension to this blog. I hope the (upcoming) videos will give you a nice look & feel about the topic. There are a couple more in edit preparation currently so definitely more to come!

Type of videos

Game videos are not the only type of videos you will find this year on the YouTube channel. The topics that can be visually interesting for a narrative are: Books | Code | Data | Games | Gadgets. As you can see I mention data too. This is meant to be an extension to the other topics. Of all the books, series, films and games I keep statistics. Each category in their own way.

What you can expect on Sophie’s Creative YouTube the upcoming months divided per category:

  • Books:
    • Bookhauls for received books
    • Reviews in bunches of books: a whole series or a couple of standalones
    • YouTube Shorts often about a library bookhaul or because of an interesting fact
    • BookTags
    • Bookstatistics
  • Code:
    • The journey of using (free) coding platforms.
    • The journey of creating visually appealing reports based on open data.
    • The journey of creating an application.
    • Twitch-like style so it could be a carefully edited video or it could be a (previous) livestream simultaneously with Twitch
  • Data:
    • As mentioned I keep statistics of everything I read, watch and game.
    • These statistics come in handy, and I am curious for,
    • The journey of creating visually appealing reports of the halfyear and annual stats or total statistics of books, films, series and games.
  • Games:
    • A game review with some summarizing (video/screen)shots.
    • A casual game video where I talk about the subject with (fun) facts.
    • A game walkthrough of how my journey went through the game, per chapter of in full.
    • A game summary of fun facts – related to the journey -> the highlights or lowlights.
    • Lists of my favourite games and least favourite games
  • Gadgets
    • Unboxing of interesting gadgets.
      On the blog all facts and a full review will be written, YouTube is the visual addition of unboxing.

To niche or not too niche?

Before I started with the new branding, categories I had chosen to enrich their blog posts with some film creations; I did some research.

The above mentioned categories are, and could be easily, niches on their own. After a couple of hours of research online and offline, I eventually found a combination that could also be called a niche. The Tech & Geeky culture

In my point of view it really creates the bridge between: my creative side that longs for visually appealing, entertaining and communicating. And my technology side that longs for being thorough (perfectionism is a challenge), factfully correct and sharing knowledge.

I created a little poem about this niche, this bridge:

The Duo-Niche (or pronounced in Italian: Il Duo Niche)

A bridge between my alpha and my bèta

A bridge between my hobby and my profession

A bridge of which one end is the tech

And the other end is the geeky

And where am I?

Trying to determine the middle

Wandering, on the bridge

Through wind, hail, rain and sunshine

I am there, on the bridge

No matter the weather

I am always enjoying the view

This Duo-Niche is just a clear perspective

Isn’t it?

August 16th 2023 – Sophie van den Akker – Sophie’s Creative

Question to you:

What are you looking forward to, to see at the blog and at YouTube?

Let me know in the comments!

Loves from Sophie

P.s: Check out my YouTube channel or the next blog post for the new video!

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