YouTube | Downton Abbey the film (2019) – Official Trailer

British best tv costume drama ‘Downton Abbey’ is in cinemas this month with ‘Downton Abbey’ (2019) the film that is set in 1927. After six seasons of Downton Abbey and a couple of years later, this film takes place. Again the screenplay and characters are written by Julian Fellowes.

I am so looking forward to this film! Wandering if this film is also gonna be the best British costume drama film of the year. The series already smashed it and I wonder how the characters are developed the past couple of years and the filming location is beautiful! The original Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England. Also Yorkshire and the county of Durham are filming locations. And how do you think will the King and Queen of England back in 1927 look like? They seem to be the main guests at Downton Abbey in this film story. And the actors and actresses are wonderful and very British.

Enjoy watching!

Focus Features: ‘Downton Abbey – Official Trailer’

A funny quote of the trailer: “There is no need to argue.” “I never argue, I explain.” so typical for this character.

The film will be in cinemas September 20th, 2019, are you gonna watch it?

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