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The Formula 1 season of 2019 started off this weekend with the Grand Prix of Australia. The race has the official name of ‘Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019’ and is located as a temporary street circuit around the Albert Park in Melbourne. One lap of the race circuit has a length of 5,303 km (3,295 miles) and the race of this weekend consisted of 58 laps. This brought the total length of the race to 307,574 km (191,118 miles).

This first Grand Prix race ended good. Both Mercedes cars ended in the top 2; Valtteri Bottas first place and Lewis Hamilton second place. But the Dutch Max Verstappen ended third! So my favourite car / brand Mercedes and the Dutch wonder Max Verstappen reached in the first race a podium place.

A short video with all the highlights of the race and what an enthusiasm with a bit of drama. The game is on for the Formula 1 season!

2019 Australian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Published by: FORMULA 1 – Published on 17 Mar 2019

The Formula 1 season kicked off and I am curious for the next races. A few of my fellow students watch every race and a lot of details. I am more general interested in the battle between the drivers during the seasons championship, the driving style, tech specifications of the cars and their improvements over the years. And of course the uncommon manoeuvres the drivers make during those races. The first race of the season finished with my favourites on the podium and now I am even more curious for the results and highlights of the races the rest of the season.

Which (race)sports do you like to watch?

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