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The music video of the song ‘Une belle histoire’ covered by Gerard Alderliefste. Last week I stumbled upon this song on the radio and I kept thinking about it the rest of the day. Though I am not fluent in French, the sound of this song and the lyrics are beautiful! The original song is written by Pierre Delanoe and performed by Michel Fugain. This video is shot by Mathijs de Lange of Delano video productions and the performer is Gerard Alderliefste. And the location: the beach at Noordwijk, here in The Netherlands. The caption of the video also says ‘ Spring at Noordwijk, Netherlands’.

So for a spring breeze…

The YouTube video:

YouTube Description:

Gerard Alderliefste – Une belle histoire

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Gerard Alderliefste | Published on 27 May 2018 | 263 Subscriptions

“Gepubliceerd op 27 mei 2016
Spring at Noordwijk, Netherlands
Video: Mathijs de Lange. Delano video productions.

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The Facts:

Original artist: Michel Fugain
Original album: Vivant / Fugain Live
Songwriter: Pierre Delanoe
© Universal Music Publishing Group

Have a nice musicfully evening!

Greetings by Sophie

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