YouTube | Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring – Official Trailer

This little video inspires me so much in the things you do in life!

Do you recognize the different music pieces of different films?

Enjoy this little trailer, I hope this will inspire you as well!

Have a story, try to tell something, and give your music thoughts a try.

The YouTube video:

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Hans Zimmer Teaches Film Scoring | Official Trailer

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MasterClass | Published on 18 November 2016 | 213K Subscriptions

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The choice of this video

Today I finished a piece of study and I decided afterwards to go to some tryouts of an orchestra to maybe play part in it as an alto or soprano saxophonist. Who knows…take chances when you cross them. Very much looking forward to it!

The last couple of weeks I listen so often to music from Hans Zimmer. I can enjoy it, concentrate on stuff when I have to, relax with it, and now and then even play the ‘Hans Zimmer – Live in Prague’ record on Netflix. It is so full of energy and lovely medleys of the best filmmusic.

Since around 2016 Hans Zimmer has a video series of a Masterclass named ‘Teaching Film Scoring’, if you really are into film music and composing and just learning as an artist from it… try it! An all access pass is only €200/year and I say this freely because I love ABBA music as well and Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus are such great composers! Hans Zimmer is not one of the band but definitely the same level, the best composers of the world! Hans Zimmer is a music composer master!

Have a nice musicfully evening!

Greetings by Sophie

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