YouTube | Musicality – From Now On (‘The Greatest Showman’) Musicality Cover

Nearly two years ago I stumbled upon a this video of the group Musicality covering one of the most powerful songs of the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. A powerful song sung by a diverse group who puts their power into their voices and music and they sound and act as one. The magic and the power of music.

Musicality is a Music Production House with a diverse collective of musical artists from Chicago and Los Angeles. Their mission is to innovate vocal music through modern and unique covers and original songs. It is a variety of vocal performance, musical theatre and much more.

Enjoy watching and listening to this video!

Video title: ‘From Now On (from “The Greatest Showman”) Musicality Cover
Video posted by channel: Musicality
Subscribers: 254K
Views: 13.473.049 (13M) date March 5th 2022
Date published: 09 September 2018
Likes: 150K

I always love it when a group performs live or record a video like this. You can see everyone perfom, see and feel the vibe and bring it in your home too or wherever you are.

I will post beside the regular genres on this blog, also a few of those type of videos where different artists or groups perform songs in a powerful and happy way and where I love the way it is recorded and filmed.

Loves from Sophie

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