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This is one of my favorite series. It’s the truth of the world back at it’s base. In love and danger, friendship and enemies, survival and relaxation. It all happens in one place, one planet in space, our planet!

This series is not exactly the same as the other famous BBC series like ‘Planet Earth I & II’ or ‘The Great Barrier Reef’. The narrator, telling the story that accompanies these beautiful videos, is our beloved Sir David Attenborough! He is the best narrator and most of all the best natural historian who shares his knowledge of the world with passion and patience. He is incredible! Still at the age of 93! (born: May 8th 1926) so inspiring!

Enjoy watching the trailer and hopefully too: watching this limited series of just eight wonderful episodes! Review will be online this summer!

Our Planet | Official [HD] Trailer | Netflix
Published: 19 March 2019
Views: 1,2+ Million

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Enjoy watching!

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