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“The King Has Returned!”

You all remember the Disney classic ‘The Lion King’ of 1994. A bit before it’s 25th anniversary, later this year in November, Disney will come up with a new animated version! This time directed by Jon Favreau. The music is – just as the original one – composed by Hans Zimmer! See the original new trailer by Disney below:

Walt Disney Studios | The Lion King Official Trailer
Published: 10 April 2019
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Views: 23+ Million

The new techniques of making animated videos is amazing! A 3D film or 4DX experience is already a thin line between thinking what is real and what is surreal around you. This computer animation is also keeping a thin line between real and surreal. The original ‘The Lion King’ film of 1994 was based on sketches in the technique of when Disney started with filming the comics of Mickey Mouse. But nowadays those nearly 3D experience without even using 3D glasses anymore, the difference is really thin between this perfectly animated 2D and a 3D version, make the 2D based-on-sketches videos nearly retro. I am curious how soon this technique will continue to develop and how children – The Lion King is supposed to be a children film – will react to it.

Is it more frightening that a film looks less surreal with this technique than when it’s not completely computer-animated and more based on sketches?
The film goes in premiere on 17th July 2019! (BE / DE / NL and more European) (19th of July 2019 US and UK and the rest of the world).

The Comparison trailer

IMDb | The Lion King Original Trailer and New Trailer side by side
Published: 27 November 2018
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Views: 3,907

Do you like the new technique used for The Lion King year 2019 versus year 1994?

Enjoy watching!

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