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In my view…

The series is about animals from some particular places and a little bit from all over the world. Which animals are belonging to the same species and the same families, is briefly explained throughout the series. When I started with the Zoo series, I expected the series to be a bit more about a zoo itself and the evolution or mutation of animals. The series is about a possible mutation as a virus and how that would affect the world population and hierarchy. As in: mostly humans have animals as pets or there are wild animals and it is survival of the fittest. This series explains through a fictional story how it imaginable could be if those ‘rules’ do not self-evidently exists any more.

And if you follow the news nowadays you see some similarities and some big differences on how it is expected in this fiction how the world would react. How would a person react? How would a city react? How would a country react? So how reacts the world to the virus? Of course the real virus and the fictional one from this series are very different. But it lets you think a bit more about the effect of it than probably normally, especially nowadays.


While watching the series I did not discover film errors except for a few shotswitches in a scene. The scene itself was not an error but now and then the jacket or the hair of a character was suddenly slightly different. Slightly, because I replayed now and then a few sentences in the series and at two of those small replays I discovered the minor changes. The story is a bit predictable and sometimes the filming suggests more is going to happen than what eventually occurs.


The series does in total not contain many characters and it focuses on just a handful. The main characters are, in my opinion, quite equally divided. Though in this first seasons it starts with Jackson Oz, Abraham Kenyatta and Jamie Campbell. Later on Mitch Morgan, Dariela Marzan, Logan and Chloe Tousignant are added as characters. Each character has his or her own specialty in work experience and experience in life. As well as lineage. I like it that the group of characters is quite diverse.

First Episode

The first episode of the season starts with zoologist Jackson Oz who is in Afrika and investigates later on with journalist Jamie Campbell the first omnious attacks in what appears to be an animal revolt against humankind. Jackson finds a link between his late father’s theories and the mysterious animal attacks.

Zoo Series Premiere Sneak Peek
Published by: CBS Television Studios
Views: 790K+
Date: 18th May 2015

Series Facts:

Title: Zoo
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Science-Fiction
Writer (book): James Patterson
Screenwriter: Josh Appelbaum / Michael Ledwidge / André Nemec / James Patterson / Jeff Pinker / Scott Rosenberg e.a.
Country: USA
Filming locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 16th August 2015 UK
Time: 42 minutes per episode
Production Companies: James Patterson Entertainment / Tree Line Film / Midnight Radio e.a.
IMDb rating: 6.8 / 10 stars
Rating: 8 / 10 stars

I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling about the story too much, you have to watch the series yourself and make your own opinion.


  • Episode 1 ‘First Blood’
  • Episode 2 ‘Fight or Flight’
  • Episode 3 ‘The Silence of the Cicades’
  • Episode 4 ‘Pack Mentality’
  • Episode 5 ‘Blame it n Leo’
  • Episode 6 ‘This is what it Sounds Like’
  • Episode 7 ‘Sleuths’
  • Episode 8 ‘The Cheese Stands Alone’
  • Episode 9 ‘Murmuration’
  • Episode 10 ‘Emotional Contagion’
  • Episode 11 ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’
  • Episode 12 ‘Wild Things’
  • Episode 13 ‘That Great Big Hill of Hope’

Top 25 Cast:

  1. James Wolk / Jackson Oz
  2. Kristen Connolly / Jamie Campbell
  3. Nonso Anozie / Abraham Kenyatta
  4. Billy Burke / Mitch Morgan
  5. Alyssa Diaz / Dariela Marzan
  6. Josh Salatin / Logan
  7. Nora Arnezeder / Chloe Tousignant
  8. Gracie Dzienny / Clementine Lewis
  9. Athena Karkanis / Abigail
  10. Ken Olin / Professor Robert Oz
  11. Jason Cermak / Sgt. Mansdale
  12. Jesse Muhoozi / Isaac Kenyatta
  13. Peter Outerbridge / General Davies
  14. Tom Butler / Greg Trotter
  15. Hilary Jardine / Tessa Williams
  16. Joanne Kelly / Allison Shaw
  17. Michael Hogan / Henry Garrison
  18. Madison Wolfe / Clementine Lewis
  19. Carl Lumbly / Delavenne
  20. Robin Thomas / Max Morgan
  21. Sophia Brown / Leanne Ducovney
  22. Delon de Metz / Sam Parker
  23. Lee Majdoub / Tad Larson
  24. Xander Berkeley / Ronnie ‘Dogstick’ Brannigan
  25. Marcus Hester / Evan Lee Hartley

Enjoy watching!

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