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Zoo is a series about animals from particular places and a little bit from all over the world. Earlier I have written a review about the first season and the start of this series: Zoo | Season One. The series focuses on a mutation gone wrong situation in the world that is causing multiple problems. How to fight it? Is there even a way to cure it? What does animal behaviour tell us?

The first season was just a start, a warm-up for the complicated and more advanced second season. The relationships between the different characters of the team evolve, change, expand and shrink. This season the team gets on a plane and travel the world to find the mutants and search for a cure. Can they find something in the DNA? Are they on time or does it cost a lot?

More and more parties get involved and sometimes that is starting to be a bit confusing. But it makes the dialogues more interesting because who is doing what for who and why? That’s one of the main questions that pop up this season. It is not only about animals anymore and their behaviour if they become a mutant. It is also about the human point of view and how to cope and act in such situations. Some are selfish and some are real team players and some have nothing to lose so what else.

The series consists of three seasons in total but this second season is – depending on your taste though – the best so far. It is full of action, interesting dialogues, inspiring technology and it has some touching heartbroken scenes and connection to our real world especially during / post pandemic.


Compared to the first season, I have not found any film shooting errors this time. The actions and choreography of it was more complicated but shot well and led to no disturbances. You only have to pay your maximum attention to the dialogues because they are talking very quick to each other and make rapid decisions. If you miss out on a piece of it, it makes the story a bit harder to understand. The main setting of this series is on a gigantic plane, really gigantic because how much and how efficient can you design a two stories plane. Besides the airplane windows it has in my opinion more the look of two penthouses on top of each other: one to live and one for science and beyond.


The main characters of the first seasons get expanded by two other main characters and a handful of side characters that are mostly representing companies, institutions, relatives and so on. Those added characters, except for one relative, are kept shallow. The team was already diverse and stays diverse in this second season, which I really like.

First Episode

The first episode of the season starts with the team back in Washington DC. The end of the first season has left them split up, uncertain and traumatized by the recent events. The government gets involved into the attempt to find a cure. But Jamie is lost and the team doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive and attempt a rescue mission to find Jamie and the leopard whose DNA may hold the key to curing the animal crisis.

CBS hasn’t published the trailer of the second season on YouTube. They have only published the trailer of the first season on their channel which you can find in my review of the first season: Zoo | Season One. But to have a sneak peek of all the action, the plane, talks and laughs that take place in this second season: have a look at this reel on YouTube:

Series Facts:

Title: Zoo
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Mystery / Science-Fiction
Writer (book): James Patterson
Screenwriter: Josh Appelbaum / Michael Ledwidge / André Nemec / James Patterson / Jeff Pinker / Scott Rosenberg e.a.
Country: USA
Filming locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 28th June 2016
Time: 42 minutes per episode
Production Companies: James Patterson Entertainment / Tree Line Film / Midnight Radio e.a.
IMDb rating: 6.7 / 10 stars
Rating: 9 / 10 stars

I hope you like the series too. It is worth to watch it! I am not telling about the story too much, you have to watch the series yourself and make your own opinion.


  • Episode 1 ‘The Day of the Beast’
  • Episode 2 ‘Caraquet’
  • Episode 3 ‘Collision Point’
  • Episode 4 ‘The Walls of Jericho’
  • Episode 5 ‘The Moon and the Star’
  • Episode 6 ‘Sex, Lies and Jellyfish’
  • Episode 7 ‘Jamie’s Got a Gun’
  • Episode 8 ‘Zero Sum’
  • Episode 9 ‘Sins of the Father’
  • Episode 10 ‘The Yellow Brick Road’
  • Episode 11 ‘The Contingency’
  • Episode 12 ‘Pangaea’
  • Episode 13 ‘Clementine’

Enjoy watching!

Loves from Sophie

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